Skotty Welch is an American recording artist, songwriter, and designer, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, currently based in Los Angeles, California. Skotty became involved in the entertainment industry at an early age and began acting in plays to starring in commercials. Skotty launched CRANIUM, in 2013, as an apparel and lifestyle brand, placing pieces on acclaimed rockstar Lil Uzi Vert and organizing a pool party with Lil Yachty in Miami. After finding his niche in entrepreneurship, he launched his 2nd CRANIUM Tour Concert in 2016, headlined by 21 Savage, at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. Working with established artists motivated Skotty to discover his personal voice for his own music. In 2018, Skotty won an Indigo Global Design Award and traveled to Tokyo, Japan, to accept the award. That same year, Skotty released his first official single “Cosmo”, which quickly exploded by accumulating over 160,000 streams across all streaming platforms and receiving national press.

Skotty’s debut album, VOYAGER, is slated for release in 2020.